German based - Bilingual 

Artist / Songwriter / ProducerChristin  Wenzel is a Indie Artist and her music style is Indie  Pop-/Rock, Road  Trip ready. When people describe her sound they say  „she sing's songs  for the heart and she got rhythm for the feet!“  Christin says “ I want  people make happy with my music.” 

Christin's  belief is that they can find  their self's in her songs, and through  showing them her emotions, she  remind them of their own. She, has the  mission to help people connect, we need  more togetherness and  something to rely on. 

Her  first self recorded  Album – „NIGHTWORKS“ is out since february 2023! 

"Nightworks is a splendid, catchy pop tunes and it's the perfect  album to put on, when one is in need of a little pick-me-up" The Ark of  Music

"Always emotionally authentic and raw, her music may be new to the scene but gives all who hear it a glimpse of the genuine fire to come."   Sonnet Simmons 

"Songs fueled by an undeniable passion that earnestly drives towards the boundless potential of the human heart."   John Clinebell

EPK - Christin Wenzel here you can download my EPK 3,09 MB


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