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In German and English, I sing from my heart, songs that I produce myself. To bring light and positive energy. Come along with me...” - Christin Wenzel

Christin Wenzel

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Christin Wenzel is a Indie Artist and her music style is Indie Pop-/Rock, Road Trip ready. When people describe her sound they say „she sing's songs for the heart and she got rhythm for the feet!“ Christin says “ I want people make happy with my music.” Christin's belief is that they find their self's in her songs, and through showing them her emotions, she remind them of their own. She, has the mission to bring her music out there, to connect with people and give them something to rely on. Her first self recorded Album – „NIGHTWORKS“ is on his way and now her first single „Summer shout“is released. It's a happy, energetic, summer song.

In the future she has the plan to give something back.She will help young people to get creative, she will setup a save place for young people in her area to get creative, apart from where they are from, or if they have money. Since 2014 when she sat at her kitchen table and wrote her first song, she knew that making music is her biggest passion. She thought back to her childhood and there where all this memory's from her, she said. „My mom bought me a little purple tape recorder, in the age of 7 years and then I would sing to every audience I could find, I wrote a song about it „Little girl“ is autobiographic. Then somewhere Life came in between... but now she is back on track. In 2018 she, released a EP in germany and toured with her drummer, together they are the music duo „Herzfrequenz“ they where featured on a local radio station.