1. I regret

Von der Aufnahme Nightworks

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V1: I should write a song about something that I regret,
or is there someone, I wish I'd never met?
For me that's not an easy task, because I believe
Everything good or bad, happens for a reason.

Pre: Everyone you met in life is a blessing,
or a lesson to be learned..... sooo.

CH: I regret, that I didn't met you earlier,
my days are bright, full of light,
cause now I know, how happy I'm without you
without you in my life, I'm feeling fine,

V2: I could not stay another day, cuz it felt, so not right
I miss the colour in my life, with you there is just, black and white
Your Insecurities and negativity,
is everything, that I don't need,

Br: I don't wanna live a life, a life that I regret,
So for me, it's just fine, If we never ever met!!!